Doctors discuss important discoveries, treatment techniques in nuclear medicine

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Nuclear Medicine - New Clear & Beyond

A three-day conference of the Association of Nuclear Medicine Physicians of India was held in association with Sarvodaya Hospital where over 250 doctors of cancer and other medical fields from several reputed institutions of the country and abroad participated in this conference for discussions on important discoveries and treatment techniques being made in the field of nuclear medicine.

The conference was held with the objective to discuss the increasing use of nuclear medicine in the treatment of cancer, its benefits, new discoveries in this field, and modern methods of therapy and treatment.

Based on the theme “Nuclear Medicine – New Clear & Beyond”, the conference witnessed the participation of highly experienced doctors from different parts of the country for discussions on methods of reporting PET Scans, Biopsy, Nuclear Cardiology, Thyroid Cancer, Precision Molecular Imaging, and Prostate Cancer, Nuclear Therapies ETC. 

Dr. Swagat Dash, HOD & Senior Consultant, Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Theranostics at Sarvodaya Hospital, said, “Today Nuclear Medicine is playing an important role in cancer treatment. This conference has highlighted the importance of Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Therapies and Imaging and its growing scope in the treatment of various types of cancer, including prostate cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer and other types of cancer which are less susceptible to surgery. The conference also focused on new topics and technologies, paving a positive step towards further intensive testing and research in the field.”

Dr. Rakesh Gupta, Chairman, Sarvodaya Healthcare, said, “Now people don’t need to go to far-off places or abroad for cancer treatment. We can now offer high-end cancer treatment through surgical and non-surgical techniques, in which nuclear medicine plays a pivotal role. This conference is a huge step towards spreading awareness about nuclear medicine and its new techniques, therapies and treatments which will eventually help in better outcomes in cancer treatment.”