Crushed finger re-implanted with unique microsurgery operation at Yashoda Super Specialty

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Dr. Mukesh Kumar, Senior Specialist, Department of Plastic Surgery at Yashoda Super Specialty Kaushambi, and team successfully reimplanted crushed and amputated finger in road accident, after four hours of unique micro-surgery. Dr. Mukesh Kumar, the surgeon who performed the surgery, has joined the amputated limbs of more than 100 people in the last 15 years. Only a few such surgeries have been performed in Delhi NCR hospital so far and this will probably be the first such surgery for the city of Ghaziabad. Rishabh Garg, a resident of Ghaziabad, had an accident. His finger was crushed and amputated. Now after the operation, his finger is well joined and the stitches have also been removed.

Dr Mukesh told that there is a big challenge in this surgery. Nerves and tendons also go along with blood vessels from where the finger is operated. The amputated finger is reimplanted back in its place along with connecting Vessels, Nerve, Bone Tendons through a microscope which is a big challenge.

After the surgery, Dr. Mukesh Kumar told that after any part of the body is cut, there is a need for quick action. The part of the amputated limb is joined by the technique of micro vascular surgery. He said that it is not that there is success in 100 per cent cases, but 70-80 per cent cases can be resolved. In case of such an accident, with a quick response and understanding of the people along with the patient, he should be taken to the hospital as soon as possible.
He told that the cut limbs should be kept in a plastic bag. This bag must be sealed. This bag should be kept in another bag containing water and ice cubes. It is very important to take care that the amputated limb does not come in direct contact with the ice, as it will not allow the part to be re-implanted. If the amputated limb is placed properly, that part can be re-implanted within 12 hours.