‘Chew Momos properly’, AIIMS issues health warning

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The India Institute Of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has issued a warning after a man died choking on a momo.

AIIMS has recently published a report in the latest edition of journal Forensic Imaging where it has explained a rare case of a man dying after choking on a momo who was in his 50s.

The man was in his early 50s and drunk, who was brought dead to AIIMS from South Delhi, as per the AIIMS report. The man was eating at a shop when he suddenly collapsed on the ground.The post-mortem revealed that the momo got choaked in the opening of the windpipe.

The doctors further concluded that it is the slippery texture and small shape of the momo that might lead to such problems and issued ‘swallow with care’ warning for Momos.

The cause of death has been concluded as neurogenic cardiac arrest due to choking of momos, found to be located at the laryngeal inlet.