After UDFA Complaint, NMC asks Hapur medical colleges for details of stipends paid to students

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Dr Deepali Bhardwaj

The medical intern students of Saraswathi Institute of Medical Sciences are protesting against the hospital administration and are on strike for several reasons like harassment and stipends. The principal has reportedly harassed students and threatening them to fail in the exams.

As per the report, despite the government mandate to provide 12 thousands per month to interns, the interns of the SIMS are getting significantly less amount. The interns also claimed to have camera installed in girls and boys hostels. Because of such mental trauma being faced by students, the interns of the institute are on strike registrating their protest against the dean of the institute.

After the United Doctors Front Association (UDFA) took the cognizance of the issues and wrote to National Medical Commission, the NMC has asked the immediate responses and action taken report within two days from Saraswathi Institute of Medical Sciences, Hapur.

The NMC has asked to provide action taken by colleges and stipends being provided to the interns within two days. The NMC has also asked to give the details of the monthly roster of PG Students from last three months.