62-year old lady donates organs to save four lives at Safdarjung Hospital

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Safdarjung Hospital

A 62-year old lady has donated her organs to save the lives of four persons at Safdarjung Hospital. After being declared brain-dead on this Monday on Jan 15, the woman’s son and daughter decided to donate her organs.

The hospital said that the retrieved organs will give lives of four persons. Two recipients will receive one cornea each currently being admitted in different hospitals of the city, while other two recipients will separately get kidneys and liver, said the hospital.

The liver has been donated to a recipient in Army Hospital and ⁠two kidneys have been given to ILBS hospital, while two corneas given to SJH. Heart and Lung were not found suitable for donation, the hospital said.

Prof. Dr. Vandana Talwar, MS, Safdarjung Hospital, said that this multi organ retrieval from a deceased donor has been executed after a gap of almost 6 and half years at the hospital.