Create online platform to access range of medical journals: Doctors association Health Minister

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Ahead of health budget which is slated to be presented in the first week of February, the doctors association has urged to create an online platform to access comprehensive range of medical journals for resident doctors across the nation.

In a letter to union health minister Mansukh Mandaviya, the Federation of Resident Association of India (FORDA) has urged to create a cutting-edge online platform that offers seamless access to a vast repository of medical journals tailored specifically for the needs of resident doctors in India.

“As representatives of resident doctors serving in diverse healthcare institutions nationwide, we understand the pivotal role that access to current medical literature plays in our professional growth and the delivery of high-quality patient care. This dynamic portal would serve as a centralized hub, providing an extensive array of medical literature essential for our academic pursuits and clinical practice”, said FORDA in theletter.

It added, “We commend the admirable efforts of the National Medical Library in facilitating access to medical research. which is often cost-prohibitive and inaccessible The National Medical Library serves as a beacon of knowledge, empowering healthcare professionals with indispensable resources for research and education. Building upon this commendable foundation, we envision an advanced online portal that extends beyond geographical boundaries, ensuring equitable access to vital medical literature for all resident doctors nationwide”.