However, both options are okay for running, still there are some pros and cons of both running inside and running outside

Running is the best exercise to keep fit ourselves. Running involves every part of our body in action and we feet energized. But most important question is whether you should run outside in the garden or on treadmill. However, both options are okay for running, still there are some pros and cons of both running inside and running outside.   

Benefits of running outside
Undoubtedly, a treadmill can never compensate with the energy of running outside. It is also said that when you run outside, you expend more energy than you would on a machine. This happens because you get more muscle activation outside as you do not have to run in a linear pattern. According to the University of Missouri, running outside is also good for your bones, even more than resistance training.

Treadmills have technical specialties that help to absorb ground reaction forces, which saves your joint from the impact associated with running. So, if you are an outside runner, you have to be smart about strength training your legs. Runners who run outside and do not strength train their legs lack the requisite strength in their legs required to run outside.

Apart from these physical benefits, there are some other health benefits of running outside. Like when you let the sun shine down on your skin, it provides you with a good amount of vitamin D. It also gives you a chance to inhale the fresh air, which is great for your overall health. Running outside leads to a bigger boost in energy, alleviates tension, depression and anger.

 Benefits of running on a treadmill

Firstly, running on treadmill gives a completely controlled environment, may have the option to accurately control the pace, interval, incline and recovery. Also, achieving your targets of running at a certain speed can only be accomplished when you are forced to run on a belt under your feet.

When you start running outside after you have a good practice of running on a treadmill, it makes easier for you to maintain your pace. Running on a treadmill makes it easy for people to train when the weather outside is not great.

Running on a treadmill goes easier on your joints and keeps them healthier for longer. Outside runners usually deal with more injuries as compared to people who run inside.

Running inside can be great for people who have come back from injury. Also, if you are a beginner and not ready to run on a concrete surface, running on a treadmill is definitely the best option for you.