There are more than 15 per cent men in India that are suffering from the problem of male infertility. So, the need of the hour is to be concerned about the problem and make sure that it can be minimized.

Male infertility is a term that most of you must have heard. It can be defined as the inability of a man to reproduce and with changing times and lifestyle problems is becoming more and more common. There are more than 15% men in India that are suffering from the problem of male infertility and with every passing day things are only getting worse as far as male infertility are concerned. So, the need of the hour is to be concerned about the problem and make sure that it can be minimized.

There are so many causes that contribute to infertility and you need to be aware of them if you are to prevent male infertility. Excessive hand-job is one of the major reasons that can hurt you in the later stage, so you need to be aware about the problem in your teens. The second reason may be any kind of genetic problem which might have seen your father struggling to reproduce, so if there is any kind of history, you need to be aware about that. If you have had any kind of injury in the past on the reproductive organs, then this also might be an issue behind your infertility problems.

Common symptoms of male infertility:
There are a few symptoms that one needs to pay attention towards. The first thing that needs to be kept an eye on is the amount of fluid that is ejaculated. If the amount is low or ejaculation is too early, there may be problems and you need to check with a doctor. If there is a swelling or a lump or excessive pain in testicles, it may also be indicative of the problem. Another common sign that is visible is the inability to smell. The males may also see a surge in their breast area which is a symptom of this problem. There might also be a decrease in the hair on the face as well as your body. The sperm count will also be very low when you are having the problem of infertility. These are some of the common symptoms of the problem that you need to be aware of and get to a doctor if they are over the line.

Diagnosis of the problem:
The best way to find out the problem of infertility in both males and females is going for the analysis of the semen. Semen analysis is the most recommended male infertility test and it has proved to be quite effective as well. But this infertility may cost you some good bucks, so you need to spend a bit.

In the semen analysis procedure, a sample of your semen is taken out and it is diagnosed in the lab. The major areas that are looked at include the volume of the semen and the number of sperm in each millimeter. If they both are in the right quantity, then there is no problem. If not, you need to worry a little and go for the treatment. But the analysis is needed to be done as it fluctuates over a period of time, so the number of samples is taken and results are analyzed to find out the root cause.

In addition to the semen analysis, sometimes only general body examination is enough. The procedures like scrotal ultrasound, hormonal testing, post urinal analysis, testicular biopsy and special diagnosis of sperm is also done to find out the problem.

Treatment options:

Thankfully for you, the solution to this problem is available and if you go to the doctors at an early stage, it can be treated with general treatments only. But if it has become severe, IVF and other procedures may need to be adopted. In the case of an infection, just the medication for the infection will do the job.

In some cases, when there is a deficiency of certain hormones, hormonal therapy is being used. It has proved quite effective in moderate to mild cases and helped many males to become a father. The last but probably the most effective option that you shall opt for is the surgery. There are so many problems with your reproductive organs that can be corrected with surgery.

(By: Dr. Ajay Murdia, Chairman of Indira IVF Group, for ET Health)