Only 49 districts alone account for 80% of covid-19 cases in the country.

New Delhi: India reported total 26,128 fresh covid-19 cases. The total covid-19 infection in India stands at 77,1603.

However, government continued to deny the onset of community transmission in the country. In a press conference today, Officer-on-Special Duty, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, said that there is no sign of community transmission of covid-19 in India. He continued that we have localised outbreaks in certain geographical areas. Out of 733 districts, only 49 districts account for 80% of covid-19 cases.

He said in press conference that only 49 districts alone account for 80% of covid-19 cases in the country. By following the contact tracing protocols, we are able to trace and track all close contacts of reported covid-19 cases within 72 hours. In such a scenario, it is not justified to say that there is community transmission.

A total of 21172 deaths due to covid-19 has been reported in India so far. Health Ministry official presented an analysis of covid-19 deaths vis-a-vis population in terms of age groups. As per the presentation 15% of covid-19 deaths have occurred in people below 45 years of age, while 53% deaths have been among senior citizens. The high-risk population are those aged above 45 years who form 25% of the country’s population, but 85% of all covid-19 deaths have occurred in this group.

More than half (53%) of deaths have been reported among people above 60 years of age, who form only 10% of the country’s population.