Blood samples from 108 vaccinated adult shows, presence of so -called neutralising antibodies and ‘T-Cells, sign of possible efficiency

CanSino Biologics Inc’s vaccine on corona virus shows positive sign and passes the first human trail, a Chinese research reported on Friday in Lancet Medical Journal.
First stage of human trail is generally to test the safety of the vaccine, showed no adverse affect on vaccinated adults, besides of mild to sever fever, as reported by Reuters. Furthermore, blood samples from 108 vaccinated adults shows, presence of so-called neutralising antibodies and T cell, which is a sign of possible efficiency of the vaccine. “These results represent an important milestone,” Co-author Professor Wei Chen from the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology said in a statement. Mere the ability to trigger the immune system does nor proof that the vaccine will be able to protect humans against Covid-19. The research is long way from the finish line, and yet more studies and data is required before the vaccine is available to all say Wei Chen.
Further researches are being carried out in Wuhan china and the results are awaited.